Rock Nostalgia - Technics RS Style Disk 4

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Rock Nostalgia - Technics RS Style Disk 4

This complete labour of love created by Reg Siger contains a style for just about any song you can think of from the 50's and 60's with a few from the 70's thrown in for good measure. In fact we challenge you to find a song you can't find a rhythm for. Two disks each with ten files, each file with 12 rhythms, fills, intro and outro (some files have double intros and outros). That's 400 patterns, 240 variations, 80 fills, 40 intro's and 40 endings. With loads and loads of new sounds to match, this is the ultimate disk for the fans of the era.

Disk 1 File List
 File 1  In the beginning  File 6  Rock Shuffle 2
 File 2  Early Rock 'n Roll  File 7  Rock Ballads
 File 3  Rock 'n Roll Legends 1  File 8  Rhumba Rock
 File 4  Rock 'n Roll Legends 2  File 9  Fast Dancing Rock
 File 5  Rock Shuffle 1  File 10  Medium 8 Beat Rock


Disk 1 File List
 File 1  60's Hits Medley 1  File 6  60's Ballads
 File 2  60's Hits Medley 2  File 7  More Early Rock / New Rockabilly
 File 3  60's Groups 1  File 8  Rock Ballad Blues
 File 4  60's Groups 2  File 9  Soul Rock
 File 5  60's Groups 3  File 10  70's Rock / Jam Session


Style Disks
Compatible Instruments Technics KN 901, KN920, KN930, KN1200, KN1400, KN1500, KN1600, KN2000, KN2400, KN2600, KN3000, KN5000, KN6000, KN6500, KN7000, SMAC 1200

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