Gold Style Disk Collections

Our latest range of one-off single styles written for Newer Ketron Instruments (Ketron SD3, SD5, SD7, SD9, SD40, SD60, SD80, SD90, MidJay, MidJay Plus, MidJay Pro, Audya, Audya 4 & Audya 5) Each disk is a selection of styles in a genre. Some styles are for general use although some others are more 'dedicated' to the genre of just one song and are for players who want more from their instrument without resorting to midi files.

Note for Ketron SD7 / SD9 / SD80 / SD90 / SD40 / MidjayPro Users - Please be aware that Ketron has changed the style format for these new instruments. Unlike previous instruments, which use .PAT files, the new format use .KST files. To allow all previous styles to use the correct sound samples and therefore work correctly, new styles need to go through a conversion process. The process is very simple and full instructions can be found in this article.

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1 Brush Beats - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 1
Twelve cool styles featuring the Ketron Brush kit, that give the opportunity to bring another feel t..
Motown - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 2
Chiffons, Mary Wells and The Supremes are just three of the stand out files on this great Motown sty..
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8 & 16 Beats - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 3
A selection of 8 & 16 beat styles that include rhythms for some timeless pop music classics..
Latin Jazz - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 4
Great Latin grooves that will transport you to the USA west coast and Cuba. Shakatak, Benson, Ricky ..
Piano Solos - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 5
Twelve great piano based styles. Classics such as Richard Clayderman, to old fashioned smokey bar si..
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Club Disco - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 6
Bring back the 70's and 80's with this collection of Disco styles. The only other thing you'll need ..
Big Band - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 7
Big Band is our most requested genre and these styles cover a good selection with Ellington to Mille..
Based on 2 reviews.
Abba - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 8
Just what it says on the can, ten styles for some of everyones favourite Abba classics. In those imo..
The Beatles Vol 1 - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 9
From one of the most influential bands in time, styles to fit ten of the Beatles greatest hits! ..
The Beatles Vol 2 - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 10
From one of the most influential bands in time, styles to fit ten more of the Beatles greatest hits!..
New Country - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 11
A definitive selection of country styles. New Country music for the open road! Wind down the window ..
Ballads - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 12
Ten beautiful easy listening and romantic ballads that will enhance your musical performances! ..
Shades of Blue - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 13
Following on from our popular Irish based styles here are ten styles based on a Scottish theme. Ever..
Beat - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 14
Following on from KEG3 (8&16 Beats) we present a further ten Beat styles. Perfect for "It's not ..
Famous Names Vol 1 - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 15
Ten styles based on famous artistes. From "Booker T" to "Chicago" to "The Hollies" and more! &nbs..
Old Hits Vol 1 - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 16
Ten styles designed for some classic old hits. With Shadows & Buddy Holly numbers to Elvis and C..
Just a Traditional Christmas - Ketron Gold Styles Disk 19
Eight Christmas styles designed for the best traditional Carols and Songs that we all know and l..