FAQ's & Customer Product Support

Once you have bought a product we will always do our utmost to help and support you. If you have questions about orders, software, how to download a product, etc please email us info@carillonstudios.com We will try and get back to you asap, however, please be aware that whilst we work from our home studios and are usually working most days the real world does intrude occasionally with either concerts or the odd (unfortunately rare) holiday. We do not work 24/7/365 so please be patient if there is a delay in our response. If your question is urgent a phone call is almost always the quickest way to get to us (UK office hours 10.00 am - 4.00 pm).


1) I have placed an order for download but it has not arrived.

Once an order has been processed (usually within seconds) it will be available via your account. Please log in and look for the download section. You will find all your orders here, just select and download to your computer. TIP: Please make sure you know where the computer is saving your new files. We suggest you make a file called 'Carillon Software' and place your downloads there thus making all your orders easy to find.

2) How many times can I download my order?

The answer is two. For obvious reasons, this is limited so that our software cannot be just given to the world and its brother. However, as you are a genuine customer all you need to do is email or call us to release further downloads if needed. Orders are guaranteed for life and replacements are unlimited if a genuine need arises.

3) My new style does not sound quite as I expected!

It seems like a bit of an obvious statement but everyone's ears are different. To compound the problem we use different speakers, use different EQ settings on our instruments, play in different rooms and on different stages, etc and so the acoustic properties of the music we play is often extremely different. We try VERY hard to make sure every style is acoustically top quality however we do not consider our styles to be definitive. Therefore we fully accept our customers may well want to change the volume of a part or even the whole style. In fact, we fully encourage this and would take it a step further. If you want to change an instrument or the amount of echo/reverb then please do so. As a general rule, we hate one-touch song settings because they often make us all sound the same. Consequently, we offer this advice. Listen to the results of your music, preferably record them and listen to the playback without the distraction of playing. Be free and make it sound the way you like to hear it. This all said, if you are stuck or don't like the results of what is emerging from you speakers please contact us for Tech support and see if we can shed some light on the subject. As musicians, nothing hurts us more than a customer thinking bad things of our products when often an explanation of where we are coming from can open up a world of ideas. Be different, learn how to edit styles on your instrument. Music is an art form, make it work for you and your audience.

4) Copyrights.

This is a subject that can be complicated, to say the least, and we feel that the interests of all should be taken into consideration. So here is our take on the subject...

Many of our styles/patterns/rhythms are dedicated to a particular song and are written in the style of that song. Unlike a Song file (often referred to as a Midi file) which recreates a song in its entirety and plays the song from beginning to end and usually includes the melody, our files need to be driven by the player and are only capable of recreating a song if the correct chords in the correct place are used. It does mean that if used correctly a style can be as accurate as a song file and they give the benefit of being much more versatile. One example is the ability to add verses and choruses at the will of the player. We actively promote all songwriters interests and mention them in every style write up. This means if a style is used to recreate a specific song in public, PRS should be able to compensate the songwriter so they get fair compensation for their work.

We do need to state, "Data Copyright" prohibits the selling, hiring, lending, copying or converting of our software, in either the original or modified form, in any medium, without prior permission, in writing, from Carillon Studios. Without exception, all software from Carillon Studios is under our copyright. We claim all legal and moral rights to our material. We write all our patterns (also referred to as styles) and still hold the copyright even if our work has been converted to run on a different instrument. Ignorance of the source of our material and/or stupidity is no defence against breach of copyright. Where any of our software files that we find that are copied and resold, we ALWAYS report this to the Inland revenue and WILL prosecute whenever possible. The long and short of this is we only ask of our users that which is fair. Many hours go into writing our software for their benefit and we really want to be able to keep writing into the future...

In our eyes, musicians are welcome to use our styles for personal use. In addition, they can be used for performance and recording purposes on all platforms. We only ask we are both notified and given credit where appropriate. We actively encourage all musicians to remember we are all in this together and credit should be shared wherever possible, this includes all in the production chain, from songwriter to performer and everywhere in between!

5) So whats next?

Did you know we keep a list of the most popular styles we are asked for? If the song or genre is not in our lists why not send us an email or give us a call. You never know your request could push a style to the top of our lists!