FAQ's & Customer Product Support

Once you have bought a product we will always do our utmost to help and support you. If you have questions about orders, software, how to download a product, etc please email us info@carillonstudios.com We will try and get back to you asap however please be aware that whilst we work from our home studios and are usually working most days the real world does intrude occasionally with either concerts or the odd (unfortunately rare) holiday. We do not work 27/7/365 so please be patient if there is a delay in our response. If your question is urgent a phone call is almost always the quickest way to get to us (UK office hours 10.00am - 4.00pm).


1) I have placed an order for download but it has not arrived.

Once an order has been processed (usually within seconds) it will be available via your account. Please login and look for the download section. You will find all your orders here, just select and download to your computer. TIP: Please make sure you know where the computer is saving your new files. We suggest you make a file called 'Carillon Software' and place your downloads there thus making all your orders easy to find if needed.

2) How many times can I download my order?

The answer is two. For obvious reasons, this is limited so that our software cannot be just given to the world and its brother. However, as you are a genuine customer all you need to do is email or call us to release further downloads if needed. Orders are guaranteed for life and are unlimited if a genuine need arises.