New "Still Got The Blues (For You)" Style Added

The song was written and performed by Northern Irish guitarist Gary Moore. It was originally released as the title track of the album ‘Still Got the Blues’. The song was released as a single and reached No.31 on the UK Singles Chart in May 1990. It is the only single of Moore's solo career to chart on the USA Billboard Hot 100, where it reached No.97 on 16 February 1991. Moore played his Les Paul Standard Guitar throughout the song. He also filmed a basic music video for the song. The song was covered by Eric Clapton on his 2013 album Old Sock as a tribute to Moore following his death in 2011.

Style Notes:- Intro - Ketron/Yamaha = Intro 3, Korg = Intro 1, Roland Intro 4. Verse - variations 1 or 3, Chorus = 2 or 4. Ending - Ketron/Yamaha = Ending 3, Korg = Ending 1, Roland = Ending 4.

You will find this new style in under our 'Keyboard Software' section. Just look for your instrument brand (Yamaha Styles, Korg Styles, Ketron Styles or Roland Styles) and the 'Single Styles' section!