More Bad News I'm Afraid!

To All Our Carillon Customers,

Firstly I must apologise as I have been diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. Now please do not panic but as I am sure you will understand I have been devastated. So first the good news, it does not seem as if I am not going to fall off my perch in the near future as this cancer has the habit of being one of the slowest forms. So anyway we are back to work, sort of, Horay. Secondly, Dave Medcalf has also gone through the mill as he has also been extremely ill and as I currently understand it has been close to the edge, to put it mildly. Consequently, the first quarter of the year or so has been a pain. Anyway, we are back and back to work if not at a slightly slower pace!

Anyway all this depressing news aside we are about to release a new disk for Yamaha, Korg and Roland within the next day or so! Hooray! More VERY Soon!