Catch up on Carillon news

To All Our Carillon Customers, Well the world continues, as do I. In fact, according to the hospital, the latest news about myself is it seems that I have got over cancer. However, I have to wait until January to be (completely) sure. My thanks go out to all those that have been in touch and let me have their good wishes on the subject. To any of our customers that are or are ever in the situation, I can only hope your hospital treats you as well as mine has. Please be aware that I still have a long list of people that need help so if I have not yet got around to contactin..
If you are at all interested in why we have been so quiet recently to see the news. However, the Great News is we have a new offering for you. Our new Rock 'n Roll album is now ready! This our latest offering is a disk we have had planned for ages and just not got around to. Anyway  it is now here so if you have a Yamaha, Ketron or a Korg have a listen and let us know what you think! You will find these new styles under our 'Keyboard Software' section.                         ..
It seems to have taken ages to have got these disks out! Finally, we have three new disks with "Chillin Out" being a diamond. I am pleased to say that this disk is available in 3 formats, Yamaha, Korg and Ketron! You will find a range of styles which will suit all players who like more of a chill in their music and I have found a way to extend the samples to make the most of them. Listen to the beautiful Breazin to the fabulous Reggae Ballad. Oh, I could go on but on second thought listen to all the tracks! and feel the positive "laid back feel". You will find these new st..
Where does the time go! It's a whole fortnight since our last message to all of you and we have a brand new pair of styles for you again. Firstly a classic 'Beatles' number, 'Something' and secondly a brilliant 'Dire Straights' number called 'Romeo and Juliet'. The first song is bound to help those that love the Beatles. Something was from their 1969 album 'Abbey Road' and written by George Harrison. It was a brilliant success and topped the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and West Germany. Lennon stated it was the best song on the Abbey Road album. You will find t..
We are still trying desperately to keep up with your demands. So with that in mind, we have another two styles for you to try and in addition, we have fixed the problems with two of the new Ketron compilation disk download problems. So firstly styles. Number one is an old Lynn Anderson song and secondly, is a song by Christie.   Our first song is a lovely version of the (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden. This is a great uptempo number for the girls to have a singalong to as well as being brilliant for uptempo dancing. Secondly, Yellow Ribbon is a sup..
Oh, we are pleased to announce we are back to writing single styles, Horray! It has taken some time but we now have Ketron, Korg and Yamaha pretty much all up to date now with style disks. This means that if you ever change your keyboard with these styles you will not lose a song! So what now do I hear you saying? Well, we have started our single styles again with the classic "Morning has broken" by Cat Stevens so please check out this latest style now. Just a little taster for you as well, our next single style will be a classic, you won't have to wait too long to find out! You will fin..
We wish everyone A Happy New Year. And for those of you who are musicians, we are really pleased to announce that we have managed to get yet another disk done for you! This time we have made a disk especially for the Country and Western fans out there. Disk 11 is the first of our specially selected Country disks that will put your music to a new level giving rhythms that will enable you to specialise in this area. In addition to these disks, we are excited to announce the release of a further dedicated single style (with four versions for Yamaha, Korg, Ketron and Roland), "Hard To Say ..
We are pleased to announce the release of our Korg, Shades of Green Vol 1 & 2 before Xmas, Horray! If you fancy a play with everything Irish then these are the disks for you Please go to Korg under the Keyboard Software section, and then look for the Shades Of Green V2. Click here and you will find access to ALL of our new Korg range! We are trying to get another disk done this week but no promises. Have a great holiday! In addition to these disks, we are excited to announce the release of a further dedicated single style (with four versions for Yamaha, Korg, Ketron and Roland),..
Oh, where does the time go? We have not stopped this year and yet we have still got so much to do! As you probably have noticed we have slowed down the production of single styles so that we can rebuild our style disk collections. So we have completed stage one of our new Ketron and Yamaha disks reaching 16 new disks in each section. In addition, we have now added eleven new style disks for Korg and have started on the next two disks Shades Of Green Vol 1 and Vol 2. These disks will bring a host of new styles for your instrument! In addition to these disks, we are excited to announce t..
Not only have this year rebuilt our style repertoire of disks for KETRON and YAMAHA instruments but we have now moved on to KORG! As our individual song style library is now up to almost 120 styles, we thought it was about time that our Korg disk collections received the attention as well. Consequently, we are rebuilding the entire repertoire of our main disks as well under the collection name of Blue Style Disk Collections. We now have ten entirely new collections which you can try with more to come! Incidentally, these disks will have at least another 7&..