New "Saving All My Love For You" Style Added

As our style ranges continue to grow, we have got to No.100 in our single style range. Our latest new style is a gem. Whitney Housten's Saving all my love for you! If you haven't done so, please have a listen to the style demos.

For those of you new to Carillon the original principles behind these styles is to give our players the ability to create a song without the use of midifiles as accurately as possible. However, that was not enough. Instruments get upgraded and superseded and we thought why should customers be forced to re-buy software they have already paid for? With that in mind, once bought, if you up (or down) grade your keyboard your style will fully work within the brand (Yamaha, Korg, Ketron or Roland). If they do need upgrading then that upgrade is FREE, just email us and ask. If you jump brand send us an email we will send you the version of the style/s for you new instrument i.e. Yamaha Tyros5 to Korg PAX4, etc etc. (Please note there will be a small charge to cover the work involved for this service).

This song was written by Michael Masser and Gerry Goffin with the arrangement by Gene Page. Whitney Houston covered it for her debut, self-titled album, which was released on February 14, 1985, by Arista Records. The song was the 2nd single from the album in the USA and 3rd worldwide.

Whitney earned her first Grammy Award with the number and commercially it was her first No.1 in the charts. It also went to No.1 in both the UK and Ireland. Houston's vocal range on the song span from the low-note of F#3 to the high-note of F#5. At the time the song also caused controversy due to the lyrics being about having an affair with a married man.

You will find this new style in under our 'Keyboard Software' section. Just look for your instrument brand (Yamaha Styles, Korg Styles, Ketron Styles or Roland Styles) and the 'Single Styles' section!