More Disk Available, Hurray!

We are still trying desperately to keep up with your demands. So with that in mind, we have another two styles for you to try and in addition, we have fixed the problems with two of the new Ketron compilation disk download problems. So firstly styles. Number one is an old Lynn Anderson song and secondly, is a song by Christie.


Our first song is a lovely version of the (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden. This is a great uptempo number for the girls to have a singalong to as well as being brilliant for uptempo dancing. Secondly, Yellow Ribbon is a superb number to get an audience going so have a listen to both and see what you reckon.


With regards to style disks, we pushed out our Korg disks a little bit too quickly and managed to forget to set a tiny little software switch so you couldn't order them. Sorry... However, the disks are doing great and we have some more planned!

Lastly, we have another single style coming so keep watching.


You will find this new style under our 'Keyboard Software' section.