Wow, even more software!

Not only have rebuilt our style repertoire of disks for Ketron instruments but we have now moved on to YAMAHA! As our individual song style library is now up to almost 120 styles, we thought it was about time that our Yamaha disk collections received the attention as well. Consequently, we are rebuilding the entire repertoire of our main disks as well under the collection name of Blue Style Disk Collections.

We now have three entirely new collections which you can try! Incidentally, these disks will have at least another 15 disks added to our collection over the next few weeks. So why don't you go and have a look at our new YAMAHA BLUE category section? By the way, you can now listen to every style to see what you think before you buy! WOW!

You will find this new style in under our 'Keyboard Software' section. Just look for your instrument brand Yamaha Styles.