Exciting Ketron News

As you will no doubt be aware, Ketron Musical Instruments have been around for a long time and this means there are a load of new and old keyboards & expanders made by them available to us musicians. It also means through the years there have been many updates, in fact, it is one of the things that keeps the brand so popular. It does, as independent suppliers, give us a bit of a headache though as our customers rightly expect us to keep up with developments. Consequently, we have decided it is time to update our Ketron Gold styles to the latest standards possible.

Owners of older instruments shouldn't panic as we are still going to support X1, X4, SD1, XD3, XD8, XD9, DG100, etc using their original style formats. Software for them will be found under our Ketron "Red" ranges. We also want owners of the newest SD instruments to be aware that the new "Ketron Gold Single Styles" and "Ketron Gold Style Collections" versions are aimed squarely at them, although there is a slight technical issue with the new KST format. Unfortunately, Ketron has seen fit to not release some of the technical info on these styles and currently, any style has to be loaded via USB and subsequent conversion of each style to KST format has to be made on the keyboard itself. This is something we have almost cracked and we hope to make KST styles (without conversion) available soon. In between times please be aware that the new style versions all load, convert and work perfectly as we have designed them.

Our experience and knowledge of the Ketron brand goes back through many years. Many players out there know our own Dave Medcalf who is a major part of the Carillon team and who has been writing styles for Ketron since the '80s. Carillon Studios itself has been supporting Ketron instruments since the mid-'90s. For many years (while BCK were trading) pretty much all new styles in the UK were written by us. Via this site, we currently sell styles to over 32 countries around the world. This upgrading job is huge so keep watching as over the next weeks we will be adding this labour of love to our website. Please note a few of the disk collections are going to have the odd style replaced and even a few of the single styles have been re-written. One song to look out for is for the song "IF" which is now much closer to the David Gates version.

By the way, we will also be offering those who have already bought our previous Ketron styles a free upgrade as soon as possible. Please note this can only happen if your account has an up to date email address. Customers buying "Ketron Gold Single Styles" and "Ketron Gold Style Collections" style disks over the next couple of weeks will also have the new versions automatically pushed to them. If you have bought Ketron styles from us, would like the new version, but not received it via email please contact us (preferably with your order number).