About Us

Carillon Studios - The Story so far.

John Romero turned professional as a musician in 1979 at the age of just 20. Having performed all over the world as a cabaret artiste and concert musician he turned his hand to writing styles for keyboards in 1994 and it led to the formation of Carillon Studios. With the help of his wife Jackie, and additional style writers Dave Metcalf and Reg Siger, the team has turned Carillon into the UK's leading independent software supplier.

John Romero is well known in the world of keyboards as well as that of the piano accordion, the latter of which is his specialty. Classically trained and former winner of the British Accordion Championships, he has spent over 30 years in the entertainment business and his music has taken him to all four corners of the UK. In addition John has also spent many years delighting guests aboard a number of cruise ships with voyages around the World including the USA, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean to name but a few idyllic destinations. His return to terra firma again saw him in demand as both entertainer and concert musician. Together with his wife Jackie, the couple also run a successful music festival business in Eastbourne. They have two children, a daughter, Rebecca, and a son, Alex.

Jackie Romero is John's wife. She is usually only seen at the couple's music festivals, however, don't be fooled, Without her work and support behind the scenes John's endeavors would not be possible. Her strengths add behind-the-scenes to the Carillon team. As if there is not enough for her to do Jackie runs both the household and office whilst Alexander is at college.

Dave Medcalf based in Hastings has also been a professional musician all his working life and is well known in the business as well as writing styles for Carillon, Dave's work can be found in several Orla instruments.

Reg Siger is based in East Anglia and has two artistic loves, music and water colours. Like John, Reg was a main feature writer for Tech Plus, the specialist musician Technics User magazine for many years. In fact, it was here that they met and became friends. Since the demise of the magazine, Reg's styles are only available from Carillon.