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It seems to have taken ages to have got these disks out! Finally, we have three new disks with "Chillin Out" being a diamond. I am pleased to say that this disk is available in 3 formats, Yamaha, Korg and Ketron! You will find a range of styles which will suit all players who like more of a chill in their music and I have found a way to extend the samples to make the most of them. Listen to the beautiful Breazin to the fabulous Reggae Ballad. Oh, I could go on but on second thought listen to all the tracks! and feel the positive "laid back feel". You will find these new st..
To All Our Carillon Customers, Firstly I must apologise as I have been diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. Now please do not panic but as I am sure you will understand I have been devastated. So first the good news, it does not seem as if I am not going to fall off my perch in the near future as this cancer has the habit of being one of the slowest forms. So anyway we are back to work, sort of, Horay. Secondly, Dave Medcalf has also gone through the mill as he has also been extremely ill and as I currently understand it has been close to the edge, to put it mildly. Consequently..
Where does the time go! It's a whole fortnight since our last message to all of you and we have a brand new pair of styles for you again. Firstly a classic 'Beatles' number, 'Something' and secondly a brilliant 'Dire Straights' number called 'Romeo and Juliet'. The first song is bound to help those that love the Beatles. Something was from their 1969 album 'Abbey Road' and written by George Harrison. It was a brilliant success and topped the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and West Germany. Lennon stated it was the best song on the Abbey Road album. You will find t..
We are still trying desperately to keep up with your demands. So with that in mind, we have another two styles for you to try and in addition, we have fixed the problems with two of the new Ketron compilation disk download problems. So firstly styles. Number one is an old Lynn Anderson song and secondly, is a song by Christie.   Our first song is a lovely version of the (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden. This is a great uptempo number for the girls to have a singalong to as well as being brilliant for uptempo dancing. Secondly, Yellow Ribbon is a sup..