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Carillon Studios Style Disk Software

Welcome to Carillon Studios

Single Styles are available only by automatic downloads direct to your computer. 

for Roland Instruments     for Yamaha Instruments
for Ketron Instruments     for Korg Instruments

All Just £5.00 Each

Style Disk Collections are available by automatic downloads direct to your computer or
can be ordered on floppy disk by post

Solton Keyboard Software     Hammond Organ Software     Roland Keyboard Software

Korg Keyboard Software     Ketron Keyboard Software     Yamaha Keyboard Software

Technics Keyboard Software

Carillon Studios, helping you make music!

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Carillon Studios Style Disk Software

Welcome to Carillon Festivals


Our first Blackpool Accordion Festival is March 2017


Artistes: Gary Blair, Thom Hardaker, Harry Hussey, Caroline Hussey, John Romero

Traders: Acorn Instruments, Harry Kiplings Accordion Treasures, Rob Howard, Scotland Accordions & Carillon Studios


Our 3rd Middlewich Folk & Boat Festival is June 2017

Artistes: Helen Rich, Jovan Rynak, Malachy Cairns, John Romero, Harry Hussey, John Penny, Weaver Valley Accordion Band

Our first Bournemouth Accordion Festival is October 2017

Artistes: Hans Fingers, Heir dryer, Alan Young, John Romero, Harry Hussey


Eastbourne International Accordion Festival is February 2018

Artistes: TBA

  • Gary Blair
  • Harry Hussey
  • John Romero
  • Nigel & Helen
  • Angie Lukins
  • Alan Young
  • Sue Bennett